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Rehcontra e.K.

Rehcontra has been founded as a consulting and trading company with steady growth since 1999. We offer our customers a bundle of services based on longstanding experience on international business spread over various branches and markets.

Our activities are focused on 3 main branches

⇒ Metallurgy
⇒ Refrigeration
⇒ Electrical Engineering

We supply well specified products and professionally serve and consult our customers and contract partners in the fields of

⇒ Stainless steel and non-ferrous metal production
⇒ Powder metallurgy
⇒ Metal recycling
⇒ Aviation and automotive sub-suppliers
⇒ Medical and electronic devices
⇒ Solar cells
⇒ Thin film applications
⇒ Refrigeration and air conditioning

Please call me (+49 172 3830507) or send an email (