Brose Systeme GmbH

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Brose Systeme GmbH

Since 1964 the company is supplying industrial electronics to customers throughout the whole world.


⇒ Process measuring and control technology
⇒ Microcontroller circuit design and programming
⇒ Analog circuit development
⇒ Development of switching converters
⇒ Experience with field busses
⇒ Electronics for solar cells
⇒ Battery management of NiMH and Lithium batteries


⇒ Development, prototyping, production, quality assurance and assembling of electronic assemblies and devices
⇒ Development and test environment for the 8051 and AVR family in assembler, C and Basic
⇒ Calibrators for voltage, current, resistance, various measuring instruments
⇒ Thermal chamber, optical temperature measurement with 1 mm measuring spot, high voltage tester
⇒ Cooperation of reliable EMC laboratory
⇒ Circuit diagram and PCB layout with Eagle and other systems
⇒ Mechanical workshop with turning, drilling and milling machines

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