Founded in 1994, Shanghai Oriental Magnetic Card Engineering Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as OMEC),is a leading manufacturer of various card products that serves municipal, governmental, industrial and enterprise customers worldwide.

OMEC is an ISO 9001 certified company. We have a state of the art manufacturing facility in Shanghai with a capacity to manufacture 230 Million Smart Cards per year including contact, contactless, dual interface cards, magnetic stripe cards and scratch cards, etc. These products are widely used in telecommunications, finance and payment security, social and public utilities in more than 40 countries and regions. With comprehensive and impartial test, we make sure that all the products are compliant with the EMV and ISO standard thereby ensuring us on the quality, reliability and interoperability of all card products provided to the customers.

While we are at the forefront card technology and will strive to continue this for delivering improved value to our customer, our investment in R&D and strong relationships with technology institution has enabled us to early access to a wide range of new commercial ready technologies thereby giving us the competitive edge to enable our customers’ business work better.

Our mission statement: “To provide prominent technologies and outstanding card solutions through our dedication and excellence.”

⇒ World Leading Inlay/Card Manufacturer
⇒ 22 years of developing proprietary technology
⇒ Delivering quality product for customer value
⇒ Focus on customer satisfaction
⇒ Long-term vision of partner ecosystem
⇒ Full Compliance with MasterCard CQM and ISO

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